Federations of Broomball Association of Ontario



2016 Junior Provincial Tournament
- Feb.12-14, 2016
- Schedules now available!

2016 Senior Provincial Tournament

- March 18-20, 2016
- Information sheet


Coaches Association of Ontario’s 10th Annual
Coaches Conference (Feb 19-21, 2016)
Niagara Falls - registration is now open

The conference is a great development opportunity for coaches of all types and all sports. Our conference offers a unique multisport learning experience. (And PD points for certified coaches).

Coaching: Number Update

Coaching: NCCP Changes 

Central West Tournaments 


"For Respect, Give Respect"

Federation of Broomball Associations of Ontario members and participants will conduct themselves in terms of fairness, integrity, and mutual respect. They will also embody the values of the F.B.A.O. at all times. This standard of behaviour will provide an environment of respect of and for all individuals. F.B.A.O. members will avoid behaviour that brings disrespect onto the sport of Broomball and the F.B.A.O. itself. The character development traits of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and civility are representations of the conduct expected of F.B.A.O. members and participants.

This policy is expected of all F.B.A.O. participants and members, including players, parents, guardians, coaches, team officials, major and minor officials, volunteers, representatives, directors, and the Executive. Participants and members will abide by the F.B.A.O. Constitution and By-Laws, including its policies, procedures, as well as the rules and regulations of the game.

F.B.A.O. activities and competitions should demonstrate these standards of ethics and sportsmanship at all times. Members will not participate, comment, or behave in manners that constitute bullying, harassment, or abuse of which endangers the safety of others.

The failure of F.B.A.O. members and participants to comply with the Code of Conduct and Behaviour could result in disciplinary action(s) at the appropriate level(s) of the F.B.A.O.